Monaco Restaurant Group | Riccardo Giraudi | Plat


• 100 gr of Carnaroli risotto rice
• 10 gr of chopped shallot
• 0.5 cl of white wine
• 20 cl of fish soup
• 30 gr of fresh tomatoes
• 120 gr of octopus
• 30 gr of dried tomatoes
• 0.5 cl of tio pépé
• Morcón iberico
• 10 cl of chicken stock

• 15 gr of chopped fried onions
• 30 gr of peas
• 50 gr of butter
• 50 gr of grated parmesan
• 0.5 cl of Xérès vinegar
• Salt and pepper
• 2 gr of ground paprika

• Recipe for one serving
• Difficulty: ♦


Cut an octopus tentacle and reserve.

Dice the fresh tomatoes and the morcón.

Cook the risotto rice with the shallots, and deglaze with white wine.
Add the morcón, the dried and fresh tomatoes and deglaze with the tio pépé.

Add the chicken stock and the fish soup and continue to cook.

Add the butter and the parmesan.

Plate up in a deep dish and add the peas on top.

Roll the octopus tentacle in paprika and cook it in butter, sprinke with fried onions and put it on top of the risotto, in the middle.